Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Waterline Trenching to Begin

Tomorrow, Aug 13, trenching will begin for the new water line that will run down Pardall Rd and service all the businesses and many residences in downtown IV. The trench will start at the Embarcadero del Norte end and move down the road toward Embarcadero del Mar over the next 3 days. The contractor will be installing new water pipe and backfilling the trench as they go.

While this work continues traffic along Pardall will continue to be limited with only delivery and service vehicles allowed during construction hours. Sidewalks will be open and there is a dedicated area open in the road for bicycles.

In the middle of all the construction there are still plenty of people out enjoying IV businesses. The picture here shows construction in the background while summer session student enjoy a crepe at the new FreshStart Cafe across from IV Bookstore.

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