Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brick Sidewalk Detail

Although providing more sidewalk and better lighting are the most obvious aspect of the Pardall project, one of the small details on the project is the band of brick pavers that run along the street behind the curb. Its a subtle but important touch that add a little color and texture to offset the concrete.

The detail adds an extra step to the process of constructing the new sidewalk. Typical sidewalk construction requires 2 steps for pouring the concrete -- pouring the curb and gutter and letting it cure followed by pouring the sidewalk itself. To add the brick detail, the concrete masons have an additional step. They pour an additional concrete trough the brick will sit on after the curb prior to the sidewalk section.

Pardall Street Lights

About half of the 44 new street lights have been installed with about 12 of them energized at the corner of Emb del Mar. These will replace the 6 lights that were previously along Pardall Rd with the new lighting being more appropriate to a pedestrian and bicycle oriented downtown and creating a safer place for all at night.

Each light utilizes the photo-sensor that tells the light to turn on at dusk and turn off at sunrise. Some of the electricity to run the lights will be generated by the solar panels to be installed as part of the Alumni Corner Solar Car Park (Northeast corner of Pardall and Emb del Mar) going to construction this Spring/Summer.

Winter Break-Out

While students were away for winter break and IV businesses were mainly closed the contractors to remove large sections of sidewalk and pour the new curb, gutter and expanded sidewalk areas on the mountain side of Pardall between Emb del Mar and Emb del Norte.

The new sidewalk extends about 10 feet into the street and in some cases, was poured up to the front of downtown businesses. Many of these businesses will be able to use some of this expanded sidewalk space for outdoor cafes.
Watch for some of your favorite restaurants to provide new or expanded outdoor space dining and hanging out.