Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Concrete and the Coming of the Filtera

Today the contractors poured the first concrete of the project; not the most exciting bit of concrete but it sets the foundation for the new storm drain at the intersection of Pardall and Camino Pesc. Over the next couple days a concrete specialist will be on site to build the storm drain inlets.

Of special interest will be construction of the Filtera Bio-retention unit at this location. Filtera uses landscape vegetation and bio-filter media to remove pollutants from storm water before they enter the storm drain system. The Redevelopment Agency intends to install several more of these around the Embarcadero Loop as the downtown IV storm drain system is expanded with a future project.

The Goleta Water District will be shutting down water service in several blocks of downtown IV on Monday Aug 11 and Tues Aug 12 from 9 pm to 8 am. These shut-downs are necessary to replace old valves and connect the new lines to the water system. The late night shut-down is intended to minimize impacts.

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