Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pardall Palms to Temporary Home

Five of the palms on Pardall near Embarcadero del Norte were removed over the last two days and moved to a temporary home on the UCSB campus. Each of the ten palms planned to be moved will be brought back to the EDN intersection and replanted as part of the final project. The palms are being moved by Senna Tree who specializes in palm relocation and does a lot of work for Las Vegas casinos. A large crane and a flat-bed truck were used to move the trees from Pardall and campus.

The palms will be temporarily stored on campus, west of the campus police station, near Mesa Rd and Stadium Rd. You can clearly see them from Mesa Rd as you pass by. They are being cared for by a professional arborist while at their temporary location. These types of palms, Washingtonia robusta, or fan palms, are very hardy and have a nearly 100% survivability rate.

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