Thursday, October 2, 2008

Intersection Demo & Recycle

Monday morning the jack-hammer, technically a hydro-hammer, started to punch holes in the Embarcadero del Mar intersection asphalt in anticipation of the whole area being torn out this week. Other heavy equipment will pull up the pieces of concrete and asphalt and ship it off-site where it will be recycled.

It is common practice locally for contractors to take concrete and asphalt to one of the grinder facilities on the South Coast, have the materials ground up, and used as a recycled road base. The base is the sub-surface material, usually gravel and sand, that is compacted and becomes the surface on which the road asphalt is applied.


sphogith said...

Thanks for recycling our intersection.

sphogith said...

Why does it appear no work is being done on the closed intersection this week?

Dorothy said...

How do we walk from Java Jones to the IV Market please?
My parents are here for UCSB Parents Weekend and they would like to know.
Thank you.

Marry Perker said...

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